Lila D. _ Moonlightsight _ Shoes Bags & Boys

Lila D. _ Moonlightsight _ Shoes Bags & Boys

Traveling under her Lila D. moniker, Valeria takes a deep dive into lush and atmospheric house / techno, subtle melodies subliminal bass undertones and lush beats that swirl endlessly in a sudden spiral of spacial grooves….
50% of Signal Deluxe Valeria uses her Lila D. alias to express sound fully on her own, having already release her music on labels like Eintakt, Dialtone and her own label Blaq Records
always on the search for some hypnotic yet sensual sound.
Lila D is now also running the label Pantamuzik where she is releasing more club oriented music, so she is always on the lookout for fresh new talent to support.

“Shoes, Bags and Boys presents the loveliest female electronic music import from Mexico. Lila D.”


Lila D. edita su primer sencillo para el sello Aleman Shoes Bags & Boys, una disquera con base en Ulm y dirigida por un par de chicas productoras Ariane Blank y Albena Flores, aunque es una disquera enfocada en promover la música de chicas dentro de la industria, también colaboran con productores del genero masculino para hacer remixes y colaboraciones,  para este sencillo Valeria colabora con su amigo Dilo, productor Argentino que seguro todos ya conocen, Dilo grabo unas vocales  para el track Moonlightside.

pronto saldrán a través de este mismo sello algunos releases para Lila D. de algunos productores europeos.


Juan Lombardo ((Low Pressings, Deep Nota, Shelving Music))

good tracks!

Scarlett Nina (Space Breaks Records)

Moonlightside for me. Great vocals by Dilo. Thanks for sending.

Deep Future (GU, Gruuv)

Ya nice intersting release .. Tnx for sending

Jon Moyer (Digitally Imported)

will give moonlightside a try. thanks!

Chris Cosy (Ohral Rec.)

Moonlightslide for me!!

Dilo (Igloo)


Quiet Fish

Moonlightside is my fav. good vibes!

Paul Trelles (Proton Radio )

nice tracks!! 🙂


Real good deep and trippy EP. Diggin both tracks!

Markus Wesen (Ohral, Blu-Fin, Tanzbar)

the moon was home is my one

Black Alley

nice mood on Moonlightside!

Electric Indigo (female:pressure)

lovely sounds in these tracks, especially in moonlightside.

Lilly Deupré

thanx ..the moon was home is my favourite

Anderson Noise

downloading thanks


Gentle tunes. Will play

DeeAfro aka Miss Crazy D

Moonlightside is doing it proper love the vocal full support!

Sasha Le Monnier  (Proton,DI.FM,Stripped Digital)

The Moon Was Home, sweet deep stuff, thanks!

Datastix (Sascha) (der turnbeutel. http music)

very nice! i like both tracks

Roberto del Burgo


Marcel Ziegler

Like both, thanks!

ABYSS (GIUSEPPE MORABITO) (Buzzin’Fly,Tea Boy Music)

ipnotic sounds!very like it!

Madmotormiquel (bachstelzen/URSL)

nice one…dilo my fav.!

Summer (Brendon Collins) (Tulipa / Orion / Manual / Konsequenz / Eevonext)


Tim Benjamin (friskyradio (encore))

nice tunes, thanks!

Marcelo  Méndez (Tunnel FM)

Both Tracks are Great, but Moonlightside is DOPE, Lovely Vocals …Support for Sure, Thanks for Sending!

Soundstorm (Proton Radio / Apollo / Silk Digital)

The Moon Was Home for me . Thank You ! 😉

Soukie & Windish

Great Stuff from Dilo here!


nice vocals

Casie Lane

Moon was home, is a real gem!

Samu (Novo Music)

Good tracks. I like both ;)Thank´s for send the music!!

Xyramat (I love the experimental way)

Really cool – The Mood was home is my favourite

Catastrophic (A&R of Tunnel FM)

Great pack like always, Moonlightside is my pick here. Will support on Tunnel FM! Thanks

Jonny Cruz (My Favorite Robot)

loving the one with Dilo’s vocal


moonlight for me/great dilotnx 🙂

AL Neville


Qasebillo (-)

Both of these tracks are lovely pieces of music!!


Fat!!! nice ‘Moonlightside’!!! Full support!!thanks


dilo for me..

Moti Brothers (Itom Records Readymix.Reisei rec.)

nice ep:) thank you!


nice ep.. thanks 🙂

Mira (Bar 25)

nice after hour stuff, thanks!


Good release!

Stuart Johnston (Faciendo)

Nice pack. Will support.Thanks


Great Vocals by Dilo… Moonlightside is fav!

Ramiro Filipe (Tunnel Fm)

For me Moonlightside

Hardy Heller (

absolutely nice package – like & will play both tracks… 🙂

Pierre Santino

nice tracks, but not for me, i need jazzy shit stuff ….)

John Martin

2 solid tracks, The moon was home for me tho.  Thanks

Hello Humanoids, Bons (Proton Radio, Proton Limited, Proton Music)

coool EP…. I love Moonlightside Feat Dilo!

Grumpy (LQD) (Liquid Inc | Drops, Aquasound, Deep, Pure.FM, Proton Radio, Inso)

both tracks in my bag :d


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