Signal Deluxe featuring Romy Kerr – String of a Lyre LP BLAQ063


includes remixes by [a]pendics.shuffle, Walker Barnard, Jon McMillion, Sishi Rosch & Ocelli

This double release is a very special project for us, it brings together many important things of our lives, this has been a year of many changes and our record reflects what we feel and the things we are going through, we have always focused the energy of our work in the label to bring artists together from many parts of the planet.We also love supporting other labels we like and admire and doing some collaborations with them as well, so this double release is the first in a series of collaborations with other underground labels this time we have some top players from the Adjunct Audio posse (owner) Kenneth James Gibson dropin’ a sick remix under his [a]pendics.shuffle alias, Kenneth is an artist we really admire and also a dear and good friend who is always showing his love and support for our project and our label, his remix is  a monster of a jam!!!!Adjunct is a label we look up to, we love their sound from day one and every release just keeps getting better.

Walker Barnard also part of the Adjunct posse as well as the Dumb Unit crew, this producer is one of our favorites now doubt about it, we play every song he releases and his remix is simply beautiful with that triply almost psychedelic touch of underground house music.

Jon McMillion is another amazing artist we love and admire, everything he touches is gold, his music speaks of deep emotions and transcends genres and styles being remixed by such top artists is such an honor and so inspirational.

another artist we really love is Sishi Rosch this young artist from Guatemala is definitely a star on the rise, we love everything he does and has been an active member of our posse for a while now with some of the hottest releases on our label done by him, his labels Digital Delight and Sultry Vibes are 2 labels we love also sharing love and collaborating with them, his remix is a haunting adventure through some dark sexy lands, slow and grinding, pure underground vibes!

Ocelli is an essential part of Blaq records he is one of our favorite producers in Mexico, located in the beautiful city of Guadalajara he has released many of his music with us, we fully support everything he does his remixes for this project are what you can call the sound of Blaq!


incluye remixes de [a]pendics.shuffle, Walker Barnard, Jon McMillion, Sishi Rosch & Ocelli

Este doble lanzamiento es un trabajo bastante especial para nosotros, une varias cosas en nuestra vida; este ha sido un año de intensos cambios y nuestro disco refleja eso. Una de nuestras maneras de ver esta disquera, desde el principio, es como una plataforma para juntar diversos artistas, de diferentes géneros y diversas partes del mundo. También nos encanta apoyar disqueras y artistas que admiramos y respetamos, así que este lanzamiento es la primera de una serie de colaboraciones con algunos de estos sellos.

Para comenzar esta saga, tenemos al crew de Adjunct Audio, esta disquera de Los Angeles, comandada por Kenneth James Gibson, ha sido una gran influencia en nuestra música desde que comenzó -nos conocimos un verano viviendo en Berlin-. Kenneth hace un remix listo para la pista, con todo su estilo bajo su proyecto [a]pendics.shuffle. Él es un gran amigo con el que hemos colaborado en muchas ocasiones, un artista que admiramos y, simplemente, la buena onda de cabrón.

Walker Barnard, otro jugador de la casa Adjunct Audio y parte de la familia de Dumb Unit, nos entrega un remix de house impregnado de la psychodelia hippie que, a veces, es característica de su sonido. Este productor es uno de nuestros favoritos del mundo entero.

Jon McMillion, otro miembro de la casa Adjunct, con un sonido que ha vuelto loco al mundo entero y con diversos proyectos; él siempre mantiene su estilo orgánico, dulce, etéreo, difícil de poner en palabras. Nos ha hecho felices esta colaboración con los carnales de Adjunct, cosas buenas pasan cuando se mezclan ideas y proyectos sin más pretensión que la de pasar un buen rato y crear algo juntos. Integrando a este proyecto a otro de nuestros artistas favoritos, Sishi Rosch, este joven productor Guatemalteco es una verdadera estrella, su sonido tiene una malicia que nos encanta, miles de tracks de él nos vuelven locos y hemos editado bastante de su música en Blaq; lo consideramos parte de la familia al mando de dos importantes sellos, Digital Delight y Sultry Vibes que maneja desde Barcelona, llevando su sonido alrededor del mundo

Para cerrar algo especial de Ocelli, desde la hermosa ciudad de Guadalajara: él representa el sonido de Blaq Records.

Queremos agradecer el apoyo de Adjunct Audio, Sultry Vibes, Digital Delight & Disclosure para esta colaboración.

Signal Deluxe featuring Romy Kerr – String on a Lyre LP BLAQ063

Mastered by Juan Cristobal Ribes @ Balance Audio Mastering, Bcn, Spain
Covers by Tento Consulting
Pictures by Santiago Jaramillo courtesy of MNMLKTCHN
All songs written and composed by Valeria & Jerga
lyrics by Romy Kerr
keyboards on Infinite Channels by Watson
published by Blaqsoulmusic


Gareth Whitehead (Bullet:Dodge)
nice release
Oscar Aullon (Diametral)
Ocelli Rmx for me!
Oliver Roos (Diametral (Labelhead))
…thx…nice pack…
Paul Van Dyk (Vandit)
Thanks downloading for PvD
Robert Templa (Eintakt / Diametral)
Spooky and Cool but takes getting used to. Thanx!
Todd Burns (Resident Advisor)
Thanks! Downloading.
Ferry Corsten (Flashover)
Will contact if used.
Markus Schulz (Coldharbour | GDJB)
downloading for Markus thanks
Tsugi mag (Tsugi Mag)
nice one
Alfredo Acri 
really interesting Album, good work!
Massimo (Definition of Techno)
Great Tracks!!!!! Thanks
Robert Leiner (R&S, H-Production, SLS)
Thansk Downloading.
Electric Indigo (female:pressure)
any day of the week is really sweet!
Summer (Brendon Collins) (Tulipa / Manual Music / Eevonext)
interesting stuff, thanks
Heiko Goebel 
nice package thx
Cadenza (Cadenza)
Downloading for Cadenza
LetKolben (Kommunikation Records)
thank you very much, release is good! Signal Deluxe is rock…
DFRNT (On The Edge)
Going to have to download to digest, thanks.
lula circus (resopal, acker)
cool package
” any day of the week ” is good. dark.
DJ Unu (Darek/Atomic Soda/Qubiq/I.Cntrl)
freaky but .. lovely package !
Stefano Patarnello (CEO for Toffler Music)
download for s.
Dich (Darek/Hypnotic Room/Zirben)
Goodblues is awsome!! full support
Juanita Ramírez 
full support!!! this saturday we´ll play it on sello amigo!!!!!
Dr.Zoldberg (
Interesting! Downloading for Thank you
Roberto Romero 
Nice release!
Myclick ( / Radio 1)
Wow! Excellent autumn collection, so perfect moody… And Ocellin remix is great, so perfect dubby, so perfect arrangements – brilliant work. On thursday I´ll be play it @ our radio show Fluffy Clouds. I must! 🙂 Big up! & cheeers from Prague!
Kai Limberger (Autark Records)
[a]pendics.shuffle remix is the shit!
Hall North (Soma, Fade, Endemic Digital, Sounds of Juan, 26TeaDrops Internat)
Interesting stuff – thanks!
Mr. Bizz (Material/Octopus/Oasi Lab)
Nice release !!! Tnx.
Aksutique (DRChill / Q-Lounge)
cool package, will try
Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music)
[a]pendics.shuffle = >the_Man
nice trippy minimal release…
liquidwatch (Light Speed Drivers)
nice ep… worth getting 😉
Anderson Noise 
downloading thanks
JAVIER ORDUÑA (Resopal/Amam/Pong/Rubrik/Cuatro)
There is a realy and interesting Lp, the Rmx are good, but I love the Originals!! 🙂 10 of 10
Philipp Straub 
Allan Blomquist (Logism / Toffler)
Interesting, not really my taste, but I like the Walker remix …
Shin Nishimura (Plus / Sleaze)
very nice EP.
susinho (Club Time Radio Show)
Downloading!! Thanks!! ;))
Andre Gardeja (Freizeitglauben Berlin)
apendics.shuffle mix for me ! thnx !
Robin Jacobs (Skript Music/Mirrors)
Like always I have to listen to Blaq a couple of times till I get it. Experimental and interesting. Walker Barnadi Mix is playable. Good Music for special feelings
Laura Illux 
diggin the goodblues rmx
Simon Beeston 
Sounds like a great bunch of tunes and mixes. Cheers.
Shi Buka / B:UKA 
NIce! Downloading
Gabriel Le Mar 
nice release – good listening electronica here
Tim Thaler (BLN.FM)
Downloading for BLN.FM radio, Berlin.


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