Visual creation for interactive performances

por Pammela Rojas [PRRM / Triplet]

Hello! My name is Pammela Rojas, I graduated as a Graphic Designer with a subsystem in Virtual Stages. I have been working since 2009 creating the visual part of an audiovisual project with Rafael Marfil. Since then, I have been searching for different ways to create and manipulate image in real time during our performances. I work with Quartz Composer, a node-based visual programming language for processing and rendering graphics that comes as part of the Xcode development environment in the installation CD of Mac OS X. With Quartz I design virtual stages, to create scenes that go along with the music, the ones I can interact with in real time by modifying ist objects, colors, lighting, motion and the camera by making use of MIDI, OSC or anything that can work as a control protocol.

What we can see in this image is Quartz Composer.

 On the left we find the “Library”, where you have access to nodes (primitives, image filters, renderers, numeric, logic, structure, and many more).

On the center, the “Editor”. It is the main workplace, where it is possible to drag and connect the nodes.

On the upper right corner we find the “Viewer”, which works as a monitor of whatever you are creating.

Finally, below  the “Viewer” lies the “Inspector”, where it is possible to define the settings of every node.

This is a very simple way to present Quartz Composer, an exciting tool that can help us create incredible animations in real time.

This  is my first post for Blaq Records’ blog. I will share with you anything that I think could help us better understand the possibilities of visual creation for interactive performances.

What I can say for now, is that there are a lot of ways of creating this things. The point is to have something to say, there is always a way to make it real. I have been working with a Novation Launchpad, an Evolution UC-33, a nanoKontroll, a MIMO Monitor, a Wacom, a PS3 Controller and recently TouchOSC on the iPad. Everything is very useful, there are endless combinations to reach particular objective or different results.

What I want to do with my articles, is to share some helpful tricks to create amazing visual performances. I hope you stay tuned for some visual fun! >.<


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