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Lila D.

Shiver EP


Einklang freier Frequenzen (Eintakt)
my favorites are the orig of “you think” and “echo”….great work vale :)

Quantum Soul
You Think (Jubilee Remix) for me… Nice one.

Fallhead (Diametral / K:Lender / 10Inch)
very nice sounds ! You Think (Jubilee Rmx) is for me

Lilith (Diametral, Zaubermilch, Kant)
..nice works! really enjoyed Echo.. beauty!

Robert Templa (Eintakt / Diametral)
I love all tracks from Lila D and Signal Deluxe! Cool EP and great Remixes!
My favorite is the You Think RMX from Jacks Son = great!

Model 1975 (Confusion Concepts)
Deep selection, great sound. Jubilee Mix for me.

Richie Hawtin (M-nus)
download for r hawtin

Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur Recordings / Cocoon Club)
jubillee and itzone remixes for me…very interesting stuff…

Oliver Roos (Diametral (Labelhead))
…interesting ep…jubilee rmx for me…thx…

“Bleed” (De:Bug)
review to follow

Nadja Lind/Klartraum (Lucidflow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs)
Jubilee Rmx!!!! = deepness Itzone Rmx = madness :D

Tsugi mag (Tsugi Mag)
nice ep

liquidwatch (Light Speed Drivers)
good remix ep ;)

Byron Bogues (440Hz / Baby Bogues)
Jubilee Rmx is fantastic, Shiver is cool, too…!

Summer (Brendon Collins) (Tulipa / Manual Music / Eevonext)
Echo for me, lovely :)

Fréderic Ribes
i think ” you think ” is good ( ;

You think (Jubilee Remix) for me.Thanks!!!!

LetKolben (Kommunikation Records)
You think (Itzone Remix) amazing track, crazy idea!I love it! DOWNLOAD…

Clark Davis (3rdWaveMusic)
” you think ” is very ambient … i like it…

Heiko Goebel
nice one full support on the itzone mix

Dj Misk (AltroVerso Radio)

Stefano Patarnello (CEO for Toffler Music)
download for s.

Dr.Zoldberg (
N1 Blaq again! Downloading for electrosound.tvThank you.

Electric Indigo (female:pressure)
cool itzone remix!

Jonas S (Digitalize)
Great Package! Echo…Perfect intro for my sets! Thx!

Allan Blomquist (Logism / Toffler)
wow awesome stuff is squeezing my brain, thx a lot

Ariane Blank (Shoes, Bags and Boys)
great package, nice experimental sounds…

Bjoern Scheurmann (Fassade Records / Paso Music)
Some nice tunes. but more easy listening for the living room, not for the

Frank Hellmond (Eintakt)
jubilee rmx top, thx…!

Dose the Alien (IntermissionLtd./Cotopaxi)
Not For Me

Robin Jacobs (Skript Music/Mirrors)
Very experimental Release. No Stuff I normaly play…but I like it..I´ll
give it a try. Good for Listening anyway. Support

Shi Buka / B:UKA
Nice Jubilee Remix – i Like

Tim Thaler (BLN.FM)
Downloading for BLN.FM radio, Berlin.

Gabriel Le Mar
i like “Echo” – nice subtile voices and moody atmosphere

Ivan DBri (Harmonious Discord,530Techno Cueplay, Lohit ,Ice Media,

Lila D. Fantastic work Never disappointed, You Think ( Jubilee Remix )
Gorgeous Sound

Matthias Springer (Diametral / Eintakt / HRoom /
very interesting experimental tracks, will play Echo and Jubilee Remix in
my sets, thx.


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